Entryway Piano


Many of you may have noticed this awesome piano as you come through through Joe Lee Johnson’s front foyer. But I bet you don’t know how it got there, who put it there, or how it got it’s beautiful paint job. Featured in this photo is Claire Tinker, a Westwood High School student and a Girl Scout.

Last year Claire contacted Ms. Niño about her Gold Award Project. Girl Scout Gold Award projects “demonstrate extraordinary leadership, have a measurable and sustainable impact, and address a local challenge related to a national and/or global issue.” Claire was inspired by the “Play me, I’m yours” artwork by Luke Jerram. The “Play me, I’m yours” artwork consists of pianos placed in public places for the public to play and decorate as they see fit. Working with Mrs. Nair and some of our very own 5th grade students, Claire transformed the piano into art! It features a portrait of Mr. Joe Lee Johnson, colorful designs, and inspiring student selected quotes.


Once the piano had its final brush strokes applied, Claire went back to work! She performed Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” for our 2018 Musical Showcase and created a laminated book of beginner sheet music that lives on the piano for anyone to play. She is also donating some of her leftover funds to our school music program! Thank you Claire!